Contactul. Lwowska 1, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611-25-05
fax: +48 56 611-47-72
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Department of Human Biology

Our research topics

  • Role of melanization in pathogenesis and progression of melanoma (Anna Brożyna, PhD).
  • Involvement of the endocrine system of vitamin D3 in the biology of skin melanocytic tumors (Anna Brożyna, PhD).
  • Molecular foundations of tumorigenesis, diagnostic and prognostic markers of human cancer (Anna Brożyna, PhD; Łukasz Kuźbicki, PhD), in particular:
    • molecular markers of cancerogenesis, especially markers useful for detection of cutaneous melanoma as well as prognostic and predictive markers for this cancer,
    • epigenetic modifications in development and progression of human melanoma.
  • Examination of active DNA demethylation processes (analysis of the expression level of genes and proteins associated with active DNA demethylation: TET1, TET2, TET3, TDG, AID/APOBEC, IDH1, IDH2, HIF1-α, HIF2-α, as well as analysis of product levels of this process: 5-methylcytosine and its derivatives) in breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, leukemias (Kinga Linowiecka, PhD).