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Department of Immunology

The research topics of the Department of Immunology include experiments related to immunomodulation, processes that inhibit or change the activity of the immune system components. Immunomodulation is part of the dynamically developing field of the clinical research, which is immunotherapy.

The conducted research concerns the immunomodulatory and anti-tumor properties  of biological response modifiers of the natural origin, such as polysaccharidopeptides from the fungus Coriolus versicolor and extracts from mistletoe. In addition, we study effects of hyperthermia on the immune system components functions. The research work of the Department focuses on understanding the molecular mechanism of induced cytotoxicity of mentioned extracts for cancer cells and their effect on immunocompetent cells in the course of the inflammatory process.

Other performed trials are related to the molecular aspects of fever and immunomodulatory properties of Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH).

Another area of research concerns the biointegrity of nanomaterials made of titanium dioxide and its derivatives, with a potential aplication in implantology.