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Projects and Grants

Ongoing projects:

  1. Grant OPUS; (2017/25/B/NZ7/00638), 2018-2021: New view on the impact of electromagnetic field of low frequency (50 Hz) on stress responses and brain plasticity – hormesis effect”; head of the project  – professor Justyna Rogalska
  2. Grant PRELUDIUM; (2017/25/N/NZ8/00732) 2018-2021 Within-species polymorphism in winter phenotype of heterothermic rodent; head of projects – MSc Anna Przybylska

Investigators in:  

  1. National Science Centre Poland (2016/21/B/NZ8/00418), 2017-2020: Ecology of fear of invasive organisms. Are Ponto-Caspian gammarids (Crustacea, Amhipoda) less susceptible to predator-induced stress? ? head of the project – Łukasz Jermacz, MSc (Department of Invertebrate Zoology); investigators from our Department: Anna Nowakowska, PhD,  Assistant Professor; Hanna Kletkiewicz, PhD

Completed grants:

  1. National Science Centre Poland (2016/23/D/NZ4/01394), 2017-2019: Ambient temperature perception in the  American cockroach ? the role of TRP receptors;  head of the project – Justyna Maliszewska, PhD
  2. National Science Centre Poland (2016/21/N/NZ7/00399), 2017-2018: The influence of body temperature during perinatal hypoxia on the level of neurotrophic-derived factor (BDNF) ? new approach for neuroprotection; head of the project – Hanna Kletkiewicz, PhD
  3. Grant  The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Invitational Fellowships for Research in Japan; 2016-2017: The effect of an electromagnetic field on the neuronal mechanism of insect adaptive behaviour; head of the project – Joanna Wyszkowska, PhD
  4. National Science Centre Poland (2014/13/B/NZ8/04698), 2014-2017: Heterothermy: linking physiology, ecology and behawior; head of the project  – Małgorzata Jefimow, PhD, Associate Professor
  5. National Science Centre Poland (2011/03/B/NZ7/00682), 2012-2015: The optimal rate of cooling and protection against brain hyperferremia – as a potential therapy of neonatal asphyxia, head of the project –  Justyna Rogalska, PhD, Associate Professor
  6. Ministry of Science and Higher Education Poland (N304 393238), 2010-2014: Antioxidant defence in two species of land snails the Helix pomatia and Helix aspersa: an endogenously controlled mechanism or passive submission to environmental conditions, head of the project –  Anna Nowakowska, PhD,  Assistant Professor;