Institute of Biology

Contactul. Lwowska 1, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611-25-05
fax: +48 56 611-47-72

The Faculty of Biological and Veterinary Science is an excellent choice!

The faculty staff consists of internationally recognized researchers collaborating with leading scientific institutions around the world. Our ecologists and evolutionary biologists develop and apply up-to-date methods and cooperate with leading international labs. Our research in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, plant and animal physiology, and microbiology has received international recognition and is embedded in multinational scientific programs. We publish in high-impact journals (eg. Nature, Science, PNAS). In 2016 we obtained the national status of a Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, allowing us to work with genetically engineered  organisms, as well as to teach respective classes.

Our lab equipment meets highest international standards, allowing for all sorts of nucleic acid and protein research. Growing breeding facilities and a rich collection of insects, plants, particularly algae, enable us to realize internationally recognized molecular, evolutionary and biogeographic studies.

Scientific collaboration is particularly developed with leading universities and research institutes from France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Japan, Romania, Australia, and the United States. We are particularly proud of our raising collaboration with developing countries, including Iran, India, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Currently, we are involved in the implementation of international programs financed by the EU, for example by Horizon 2020 and the German Bioexploratories, as well as projects outside the EU, like the Japanese Coastal Biodiversity Project.

We offer highest standards in education. Our faculty has been certified by the Polish Accreditation Commission for all fields of undergraduate (bachelor), graduate (master), and doctoral studies in the field of biology and environmental protection.