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tel.: +48 56 611-25-05
fax: +48 56 611-47-72
e-mail: dwnbiw@umk.pl
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Electrophysiological laboratory

In our electrophysiological studies the American cockroach serves as a model organism. Using a double oil gap technique we are able to record the bioelectric activity of the isolated giant axon. The single oil gap technique lets us to study phenomena at the synaptic transmission level. Additionally, we can observe the compound activity of the cercal nerve or other  parts of the ventral nerve cord with extracellular electrodes. We also perform intracellular recordings on neurosecretory (DUM-Dorsal Unpaired Median) neurons in the terminal ganglion in situ or on isolated cells.

The laboratory of bioelectromagnetism

Our research focuses on the influence of very low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF, B = 0,1 ? 8 mT, 50 Hz) and static magnetic fields (Bmax = 140 mT) on living organisms. The laboratory is equipped with sets for exposure of small animals, insects, and neural preparations to EMF; EMF meters, a microelectrode setup for neuronal activity recording during EMF exposure, and setups for behavioural and locomotor activity recording of insects, mice, and rats.