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Katedra Ekologii i Biogeografii [fot. Katedra Ekologii i Biogeografii]

Eyob Gebrehiwot Gebregeorgis, M.Sc.

Telefon: (56) 611-26-49
E-mail: eyob1986@gmail.com
Pokój: nr 245

Zainteresowania badawcze

  • Dendroclimatology and Dendroarcheology.
  • Forest ecology.
  • Soil science.


  • Gebregeorgis, E. G., Zewdie, S., Wils, T. H. G., Robertson, I., Eshetu, Z., Koprowski, M. 2018. Precipitation as the Main Driver of the Radial Growth of Cupressus lusitanica (Mill.) at Wondo Genet, Ethiopia. Baltic Forestry, 24(1), 77-85. (IF=0.548, MNiSW=15)

Pozostała aktywność naukowa

  • Soil seed bank regeneration study of Acacia abyssinica, Legedady, Ethiopia (Bachelor thesis).
    ?Climate ? Radial Growth Relationship of Cupressus lusitanica (Mill) at Wondo Genet, Ethiopia? (MSc thesis).
  • Oral presentation of the preliminary results and future prospects of my PhD project titled, ?Climate-annual growth and adaptation strategies of Juniperus procera in tropical Africa, Gonder, northern Ethiopia? at the Wood science underpinning tropical forest ecology and management Tervuren, Belgium, May 26-29, 2015.
    ?Precipitation as the main driver responsible for the radial growth of Cupressus lusitanica (Mill) at Wondo Genet, Ethiopia.? Oral presentation at TRACE 2016, Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology 11-15 May 2016, Białowieża, Poland.