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Katedra Ekologii i Biogeografii [fot. Katedra Ekologii i Biogeografii]

Prof. Werner Ulrich

Prof. dr hab. Werner Ulrich

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ResearcherID: A-6582-2013
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My early entomological interest in the ecology and biogeography of parasitic Hymenoptera confronted me with the necessity to develop analytical tools to understand patterns of diversity and distribution from local to continental scales. Therefore I turned to ecological statistics and became particularly interested in patterns of species co-occurrence and phylogenetic constraints. In cooperation with friends from USA, Brazil, and Spain we developed a number of sophisticated statistical tools in macroecology and clarified basic questions around community assembly. In cooperation with international ecological consortia from Europe, the USA, and Japan we use large scale data sets and apply our techniques to understand the spatial distributions of plant and animal species and the pattern of community assembly at trait and environmental levels.